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I purchased a bulk lot of comics from a store that was closed out. None are professionally graded. I read and understand the grading system you have listed on this site. Question.... if I overstate a grade in error due to lack of experience, and seller over-pays for that item based on condition being inaccurate, how is that resolved? Is it mediated through this site? Or vise versa.... I tend to be conservative in my grading so far. What happens if I underestimate the grade, and the comic is far more valuable than I sold for?



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Hi mook - congrats on the store closing buy! Sounds fun and how often do you get a chance like that?
Glad you read the grading guide to start out - thanks.
To answer questions - typically, no mediation via the site (like PayPal does for example). In very rare
cases, we will get involved and help resolve disputes if necessary.

This is the subjective nature of grading - it's not an exact science and there will be times you are
under and times you are over. Your approach of trying to be conservative is the best way to handle it.
Better the buyer is pleasantly surprised than the reverse. If the book is particularly valuable, have it
professionally graded. There is a service in My Lists which will tell you which, if any, books in your
Lists are worth the getting slabbed.

If I have a book that is really hard to nail down - say I'm settling on 9.0 but am still just not very sure,
then I'll just take your approach and bring it down to 8.5 to be safe.

Some notes on our marketplace: In truth it's a little "lo-fi" and there is not all that much activity.
We had hoped that since our fees are so low (0%, yes, zero, if you are a Premium Subscriber, and
only 1% for everyone else) some people with eBay stores would move their stuff here. But it hasn't
happened yet and we are considering some big changes to "Browse" this year. For the time being,
your best bet is probably to move these on eBay. Frustrating for me to say that since by the time
PayPal takes their slice, you have lost way much of the pie in our opinion.

Best of luck mook, hope you find some nice surprises in the buy!

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This may help you in grading your titles
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