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Build Your Own Boyfriend #2  XML
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Story: Kim Smuga

Art: Maciek Smuga

This ashcan-sized comic presents two budding comic talents at the beginning of a very steep learning curve. The subject matter, evident in the title, feels like something that's been on Kim's mind for some time now, but something must be working for her because, hey, she's married. The protagonist is an engineer named Gwen who, disgusted with real life boys, decides to build her own boyfriend. No pseudo-science here-the mechanical boyfriend miraculously appears as if Gwen were Tony Stark-and immediately infuriates its builder by sitting with another girl. There's not too much to the story-Gwen agonizes over Denby sitting with other girls, although it turns out Denby's heart is true.

John Brain (Room at the Top) advised would-be novelists not to even attempt a novel before they are forty because they lack the life experience. Kim might have let this idea gestate a while. It plays out on the level of High School Musical, without the songs. At end of story it turns out Denby is true blue, and plants a lingering kiss on his builder's mouth. Now if a guy were writing this story, the robot would turn into a six pack and a joint after sex.

Maciek's art is in the manga style, but lacking their chops. Anatomy is wonky, backgrounds are sketchy. His ink lines look like scratching with broom straws. Maciek needs some serious life-drawing and an intensive course in perspective and drafting. The scratched inking doesn't work. Pick up the brush, Maciek, and get to work.

Boyfriend is cute, but unlikely to appeal to more sophisticated readers.
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