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The truth about PGx  XML
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The truth about this company may shock some of you, but others have suspected it for years.
Ok, here's the deal. There are two graders for the company, Daniel and Ryan. Daniel has no official training in grading comics, he just uses his own opinion. He doesn't use blacklights or any fancy equipment, he simply looks at the books under fluorescent lighting and what light he can get from the sun.
He has two part time employees, Rich and Dave. They are in charge of labels, sealing, encapsulating, affixing the stickers, shipping, documenting your books, unpacking your books, basically all the grunt work. If there is a problem, Dave deals with it over the phone. There is no receptionist or any woman like Daniel claims there is when he answers emails.
The business is run from his house here in Eugene. While grading your books, he watches tv, plays online poker, and talks on the phone. He clearly does not give your books the attention they deserve.
Now the restoration is the fun part to reveal. He has no experience in finding this. Sure, he can find the obvious things such as tape, staples, amateur color touch, and trimming. No, he relies on a man named Ryan Elliott to do the restoration work. It is him, and him alone who finds the problems your book may have. Ryan is allowed to take your books home with him to work on at his leisure.
This man is allowed to take your books home with him? How can that be? It's true. I've seen it happen, I've been there.
Please, please, think about what you are doing when you send these con men your books. How do you know you are getting your books back and not someone elses?

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What's his address?

-What is Shawarma?

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Here is the opinion of one very jaded person something very bad must have happened to him in order for this to be written. I have personaly dealt with both CGC and PGX and I can tell you that PGX is very very comparable in their grading I have gotten the exact same grade on many many books and it is a much cheaper and faster experience dealing with PGX so make your own desision when you are trying to get your comics slabbed. And I have met Dan and Ryan and they are both good guys and are very proffesional. Just make your own choice.

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Thanks Jballs. This CGC myth has got to be laid to rest! I have been buying, selling and collecting comics since 1966, when I learned how to grade and store comics by the man who opened the very first official "Comic Book Store" in NYC (I mean, these were the days when you could get "back issues" by sending a quarter to the publisher!). Anyway, over the years I have owned and examined literally hundred's of CGC graded books and I can say, without hesitation, that in more than half the cases the books were actually a good 1 grade point lower in quality than the grade they provided. Conversely I have found that PGX seems to grade books as much as a half point lower than what I would grade them myself. Recently I have even observed some CGC graded books (7's and 8's) that I would have given 5's and 6's while some 9.4's and 9.6's from PGX were clearly 9.8 or higher! I can only attribute this to the fact that CGC involves a paid membership in addition to their normal pricing, and I'm sure there is nothing more important to them than keeping their constituency happy. By the way, I buy and use them both, so I have no horse in this race. I just think that you're getting a more accurate grade from PGX.
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