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Also, I would like to point out that is a lot more to grading comics than just the cover condition. I defect on the inside of the comic devalues it just as a defect on the cover would. Maybe not as much, but things like how white the pages are should be taken in to account too.
Still don't own hulk 181 though...
My favorite comic character has always been wolverine. I have every issue of the ongoing series, and just about every comic wolverine is in. I would have to say that my wolverine set would be my most prized part of my collection. As far as single issues go, I got wolverine origins #10, the 1 in 100 3rd claw variant cover. It is the first app. of wolverine's son. That is my favorite single issue. So what is your most prized comic that you own?
So I got my copy of the potty mouth variant cover batman today. Good ol' ebay. I noticed nostomania has not yet updated the price guide with this new batman and robin: the boy wonder #10. The priceguide.com website values a 9.4 NM copy of the recalled variant cover @ 100 bucks. Which would make it the most valuable comic I own, and I have well over 2,000 comics. So anyone have an idea as to how many of these recalled variants are out there?
So I came up with a great idea... I trimed down one side of the top flap, and folded it over like a regular poly-bag. Then press firmly along the fold to create a indented crease, and tape down. Works great, and now I don't have to worry about the top half of my comics getting damaged!
That copy of x-men #375 looks like it is in an open top mylar bag? Didn't you say you wouldn't use those? Do you do like I do and polybag them (the comics) then put the polybag in the mylar?
So does anyone else out there think that the mylar comic bags with the open tops are dumb? One of the reasons of putting a comic away in a bag is to protect it from the air. This design leaves the top half of the comics vulnerable to air or whatever. So I have been putting my valuable comics in a standard bag and board, then putting that in the mylar bag. I would appreciate anyone elses idea's on how to to deal with the problem of the open top mylars. I thought about taping the tops of the bags closed, but decided the comics could get stuck in the tape.
So I recently purchased some comics from the 70's, with a black line drawn through the barcodes on the cover with a marker. I figured marking the barcode like that was done by the person who sold the comics. Whats up with that? How much do you think that would devalue a comic? Say if a comic was in Very fine Condition, aside from a marking on the barcode like that, would it now be considered in just "good" condition. Thanks for your input comic friends...
Anyone who collects comics, loves rare variants. It is just so cool to own a 1 in 100 variant edition. And the rarer the comic is, the more awesome it feels to own one. I personally digg the whole variant cover concept. It keeps us fan boys shelling out are hard earned cash so, and fuels are addiction to hoard all of those hard to find items that we think are so cool.
And to answer your question, I noticed there are lots of questions posted on the forum that have 0 replys to them.
Sorry, i don't mean to bitch. But it would be cool if more people were on here talking. That is the whole point of a forum.
Thanks Starman.

I only wish more people would participate in the forum conversations. I know there are a million comic fans out there, come on people!

This forum SUCKS because no one is on it! Anyone else agree? No? Then you suck too...

Thanks for listening...

I just started to collect graded comics, and was wondering what everyone else thought about the two main comic evaluating companies.
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