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What is the difference on a comics if in the lower left corner there is a bar code or a pic. I think the one with the bar code is a dirrect sale, some say that on the bar code. Which one is better t o have?
I was having fun scanning them and seeing how the pictures came out. The three I would be interested in are: 40, 60 and 300. The inside of 40 is ok but a little frayed on the edges. All the pages in 60 are good with a little yellow and 300 is white.
I could not get the pictures to post so I downloaded them to this link. I would like to know what everyone thinks of their ratings.

If somecould tell me how to post pics in a blog i am all ears.
Thanks for the opinion. So what would be the best way to find out if my book is 9.4 or higher. I have started going to the local shop but I was never big on them. I know they need to make a profit but they are hard for me to work with. The shops remind me of the buy back game stores, they buy the game for a buck and will put it right back on the shelf for $25. Would posting a scanned copy in the forum be to much on the server? It would be fun to see other peoples books and give opinions on them.
I have Amazing Spider-Man #33 but it is in poor condition so I would have to say the #40 that is in good condition. It might even make fine.......
So starman, what is your opinion on grading books in general. I have a good start but not anything very expensive. A NM Amazing SM 300 and some poor 31, 35, 40 and so on. Is it worth getting them graded, for preservation. I am saving then and not looking to sell but I want them to have resale value for my son.
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