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As an experiment, I sent 2 copies of the same issue to be graded and slabbed by CGC and CBCS. Amazing Spiderman 194 and Journey into Mystery 24. Both were very close visually to condition. And thanks to Nosto’s 3rd party value grading chart, you can see the $pread. You really can’t see the differences here on this post due to the low resolution images, but you get the idea. My next experiment I will try to get all 3 Grading services on the same condition book including PGX in the mix also. Judge for yourself.
Also, I have a bone to pick with ALL 3 grading services when it comes to the top left hand numerical graded area of the slabbed book, that area is BLANK, EMPTY, VOID, the LETTER GRADE Is missing! It would be nice to correct that! Is there a DIY product that places the letter grade on the slabbed book without distracting from the overall look? Maybe it’s time that someone creates a “fix” for this anomaly.

It's"fixed". Here is an excerpt from Nostomania's July 2020 Premium Subscriber NostoNews,"...What's Mario Up To?

Most of you know I love to hear about side projects my Premium Subscribers are working on, and try to help promote them when it feels right. One member, mbruni, created those grading labels I like so much several years ago, and published the 4-issue Mars Attacks series that is now on the site (https://www.nostomania.com/servlets/price-guide-and-sales-history/Mars-Attacks-1?cat=comics&run_id=18784&item_id=214031&page=1). Mario's latest creation is a clear-gloss label for slabbed books that adds the now conspicuously missing letter grade many of us are used to. Early slabbed comics had the grade name and number, for example NM/MT 9.8. The slabs evolved to show the numeric value in large font in the upper-left corner of the slab. This change I assume was made so buyers could identify the grade of for-sale items at shows from a distance.

For some reason with this change they dropped the grade name. Personally and on the site I always include both grade name and number when referring to an item. For all slabbed coins, this is still the norm. For example you'd see PCGS MS-63 on your coin, not just PCGS 63 (MS standing for "Mint State"). Mario believes that instead of just "9.4", many collectors still want to see and know the letter grade, "NM". See the pic below for an example, and pop over to his site (https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com/labels/) to see this new creation, and all the other label products he has available."

Thank You Tommy Jasmin!

CGC - Comic Description:
Amazing Spider-Man 194 7/79 Marvel Comics
light tears to cover
moderate bends to cover
moderate creasing to cover
moderate spine stress lines to cover
small, light, multiple indent front cover.

CBCS - Amazing Spider-Man #194
Marvel 7 1979
Variant: Newsstand Edition
7.0 Certified White
spstr breaks color
light surface wear, dirt & color rubs

CGC - Journey Into Mystery 24 5/55 Atlas Comics
light bends to cover
light cover tanning
light staple rust
light tears to cover
moderate creasing to cover
moderate spine stress lines to cover
moderate staining to cover
small miswrap whole book

CBCS - Journey Into Mystery #24
Atlas 5 1955
10" vertical crease center front cover breaks color
spine stress breaks color
general cover wear, bends & creases
small edge tears back cover
small stain through top spine
I just got back today 5 books graded by CGC. As you can see some golden and silver/bronze age. My Raw grading compared to actual slabbed grading as follows: Mine: Young Men 28 Mine @ 2.0, CGC 2.0 Journey into Mystery 24 Mine @ 4.0 CGC 3.5, Mine 27 @ 4.0 CGC 4.0 Amazing Spiderman 194 Mine @ 7.5, CGC 5.5 and Iron Fist 14 Mine at 6.5 CGC 9.2. It was a $160 investment. Bought the comics for about 50 cents each. My tip, It pays to talk to people, find out if they collected comics as a kid and also to run classified newspaper ads.
So for $100 this afternoon, I purchased a slabbed 9.2 The Shadow 1, 1970s series. FM #3,6,9, and a few other goodies. Grades range between VG+ and Fine-.so I will do some dry cleaning, pressing, grading, sleeping and filing... after I enjoy them of course.
Hi there, I have about 20 books that were signed by artist Sam Glanzman. He did the pencils and inks for these war titles. Most of his signatures are on the splash page, some inside pages and cover pages. He passed away last July 2017. So how should I go about selling these? How can they be authenticated?

See his obit in The New York Times:

Most are between 2.5 - 5.0 raw grades, mostly independents, some DC titles.
Wow! As always, Nosto is on top of it!
No rush.thanks Starman
Starman, Nosto has it viewed that way.Is that correct. Slabbed CGC? I can buy dozens for $5. Is this correct?
Brother Tommy, sad but true. The pressing cat is out of the bag! There is a LOT of information out there on pressing, dry cleaning, etc., restoration... This collector's market is going nuts! This particular client friend of mine has close to 1 million comics between two houses!
Pictured here is the latest bunch of comics I recently dry cleaned heat pressed and raw graded using the Comic Collector’s (https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com) raw grading labels and data backer-sheets with my grader notes, along with Nostomania’s all important raw/slabbed value and 1 to 3 year past performance trend as a complete package. Needless to say, my client was very impressed and happy with the results. I always have my phone with me when I go comic hunting and check Nostomania value first. It’s my best weapon of choice when making an offer to buy a collection when I come across one in the field. With the Nosto sales data, it gets better and more current all the time. It’s worth being a premium subscriber. Nice going STAR-MAN and Nostomania!
Well, I'm at it again, and I think you will like this! A new option for your comic collection - Write-in BLANK preprinted raw grading labels for backing boards. This is the most cost effective way yet. Now you can write in your grade (I prefer pencil), abbreviate it, current value and slabbed value and when you graded it. The labels are easy peel and stick on top of the backing board. Need to revise it? Slap another grading label over it. There you go! 100 labels start for only $5.95 per kit + shipping.
You can order here and scroll down link page: https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com/labels/

See the visual below (actual size label fits all boards) In the near future I will be showcasing the entire comic collector's product line with videos on [b]https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com/

Happy collecting, grading and investing! Thanks again, Mario Bruni
Comic Book Self Grader for raw grades. Would you use it?
See attached image. I will post it full size on my website on April 1, 2018 for further review.
Starman. Thank you for that clarification. I have been working on a facinating project. I will be sending you something in the mail to you in a few weeks?
Hi there, I am comparing your grading terms vs. other grading sites, company’s etc. it seems like they all use the OVERSTREET 10. To 0.3 scale, but the words describing the defects are not the same. Is there a reason why? Is it a copyright thing?
“The Horrible Day Mom Trashed My Comics”- Contest 2017 -
A new tradition is born! Tell us your gut-wrenching story of that fateful day in 500 words or less, of how your mom or another family member threw out your collection — along with today’s collectible market value.

Enter your story for a chance to be our very 1st-time winner of “The Horrible Day Mom Trashed My Comics” for 2017. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes will be awarded on entertainment and creativity value. Deadline is Dec. 31, 2017.

All the stories will be posted as we receive them. We reserve the right to edit for word length, spelling, grammar and please, no inappropriate language. Our panel of judges will announce the winners and prizes on this website on January 1st, 2018. Good Luck to all contestants! More details to follow.

Visit https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com
Email your sad tale to contest@comicbookgradinglabels.com
Lets say you have the collection of silverage Metal Men, and you are missing a few issues in that particular run. What would you call those missing issues? Fillers? Spacers?
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