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MARTYMANN wrote:Very little action on my DETECTIVE #168...


Let's add a link to it here Marty, that might help:

Detective Comics #168 Auction
Check out the mbrunipost in Comics Forum with a recent monster mag find including single-digit Famous Monsters...
Super cool mbruni! Especially love the early Famous Monsters. If you list those for sale here on Nosto or elsewhere, please drop a note on the Magazines Forum, if they are auctioned I will bid myself on those. I see a World Famous Creatures too, neat. Great buy for a hundred.
Thanks for following up profade, one more problem solved!
profade wrote:Awesome, I can confirm that editing prices paid are now showing correctly in the main title. Thanks.

Great! Thanks for confirming. Now let's get your other issue resolved. Our first suspicion is maybe one of the issues has a quantity of 2 instead of 1. That could cause the off-by-one total issue count you describe. Maybe you can do a quick scan of the ASM pages to see if anything pops out. Otherwise, if you want us to poke around in the database we would need your permission to look at items in your collection first. As a rule we don't do that unless instructed.
profade wrote:

I've also noted that after you have added a book to your collection, if you edit the "price paid" the old "price paid" is still displayed in the main list of the title.

Thanks for any help.

Hi profade - This problem has been fixed on the site. When you get a chance, confirm things are ok for you now and then we'll resolve the other issue.
crandmck wrote:Thanks, I appreciate you guys paying attention to my (users'/customers') suggestions and needs.

Keep me posted on updates to the site, and I'm glad to provide ongoing feedback, even if you don't have GitHub issues


We haven't forgotten the GitHub nudge - we'll talk about that. First things first, let's get the marketplace bugs fixed. See what you think now - things should be working again. Thanks!
MARTYMANN wrote:DETECTIVE COMICS #168 CGC 4.5 just sold for $13,513.00 in the latest COMIC LINK Auction.


Holy cow Marty - that's higher than the current Nosto CGC 6.0 value!
crandmck wrote:
tommyj wrote:...the idea is "series started this year or later", and so the search also returns Adv of X-Men, etc.

Then that's what the UI text should say, "Title start year (or later)" and "Title end year (or earlier)" I guess. If that's actually what they mean, then you need to communicate that, otherwise it's a usability issue because it's definitely not obvious.

Rand is absolutely right - that's just lousy usability. We reworded so this is hopefully a little clearer. Still working on the other issues, getting there but a little tricky - more soon on that.
crandmck wrote:Thanks for the reply. Let me know (on this thread, I guess...?) when the fixes are in place, and I'll be happy to help with QA.


Hi Rand - a few quick responses:

1) We snuck in a stealth fix tonight for the "advance page" bug you reported, that's fixed.

2) "on this thread" - right... I know, not the best, we'll figure out something better, but we don't do GitHub because we don't want anyone looking at our pricing algorithms - we spent a lot of time working on making those as clever as possible.

3) Now, on the X-Men search bug, I'll actually contend that the search is as is behaving as expected. This is because the Start/End year are "constraints", not exact numbers. Since most people won't know the exact start year of any given title. I realize you do know the 1st X-Men series started in 1963. But the idea is "series started this year or later", and so the search also returns Adv of X-Men, etc.

If you enter just "X-Men" in the box, and put 1963 for start and 1982 for end, now you're boxing in the search pretty well - try that and I think you'll see what you are looking for.

4) On the other bugs, please let us know the details, thanks again!

We do realize, as you graciously inferred this area of the site needs the most work.
Hi profade - thanks, we'll take a look and see what's going on here. Meanwhile, can you let us know if the numbers change when you sign out and sign back in?
Hi greenlay - agreed, that definitely looks odd. We will have to investigate. It's possible they were mis-classified at the time they were entered into the Nosto database. Thanks for bringing to our attention. Once we figure it out we'll follow up here...
Awesome, thanks profade!
Hey profade - this has been fixed, when you get a chance, can you confirm here all is well again?
MARTYMANN wrote:Just noticed that there are 744 guests online...who are they?


Hey Marty! The guests are just anonymous people poking around, and many of them are unfortunately probably diverted here from some of the spam people post.

The really impressive thing is the number of views on your thread, wow!
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