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Tommy, I enjoyed your research on the value fluxuation in the current market. Very helpful. Maybe it would be cool to combine all the Quarter Market Comments into a printed collection. It would be very cool man! Later Bro.When things calm down!
Hey Starman, Great 3rd Qtr. Recap. Printing lot out now for my files!
Hello Marty, sounds like a plan. Looking forward to working with you and your collection! Mario Bruni
Hello Marty,
Yes. I can make a revised label with "From The PARK AVENUE COLLECTION" across the top area. Send me a photo or a link of a front cover of your collection, and I will send you or post the final label here at no charge to you. If you like it, you can follow through with the order, along with other comics from your collection. Please visit my COMICradle product link here to order: [b]https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com/comicradle-grading/[b]
Let me know if I can be of more assistance.
Thank You
Mario Bruni
Starman, Fascinating update for Oct. You sniff out the most unusual titles and values! I am going to start to print them out for reference!
Bro Tom,
I love your analysis and sense of humor for the comics, coins and mags! Very, very helpful when I am out on my comic expeditions! Great Work!!
MyComicshop.com is a great resource to buy & sell. I have been using it for years. Glad to see that Nosto will be including them in its' data base. Great move!
Hello Oaktrimmer, The ComiCraddle is a step above the raw grade condition, meaning that any serious collector after a few thousand or a few years practicing grading, can approximate a slabbed grade within 1 to 1.5 CGC grade level. Usually, I tend to grade on the conservative side. The COMICradle is unique by offering a QR Code that you can scan with your phone’s camera to show you the current value on this Nostomania site. It also protects your investment until you want to get it certified slabbed by these 3rd party services. Nostomania and Comicbookgradinglabels approached this concept over a year ago and continue to improve the product. The COMICradle is an answer to comic book values between $75 up to $150. We have had a good response so far to the COMICradle. Good luck in you decision. Happy Grading and Collecting!
I know the slabbing feeling. Do I or don’t I. That’s why I came up with this in between solution. Visit my link and tell me what you think
COLLECTORS & INVESTORS... Any comments on the COMICradle would be helpful. Thank you.
Thanks for your input. Tommy Jasmin of Nostomania and I have partnered to bring to the collector's market this great product — The COMICradle, along with a great 6 month FREE Premium Nostomania trial offer to newcomer's with any first COMICradle order!

MartyMann, I know! you have a great collection. You may want to consider the COIMCradle for some of your comic books. If memory serves me correct, you are located in Brooklyn or Long Island? I am located Upstate by Albany, NY. I would be more than happy to deliver your COMICradle orders and set up your golden age comic books collection. I would be honored to showcase your COMICradle collection on my website! Let me know and we can work out the details. Email me direct at mariobruni2014@icloud.com or respond to this post. Thank You MARTYMann! — Mario Bruni of www.comicbookgradinglabels.com
Press Release - January 14, 2022
COMICradle - The Perfect In-Between Comic Collector’s Solution

COMICradle is a new comic book collector’s product developed by Mario Bruni, founder of www.ComicBookGradingLabels.com. COMICradle is a Pre-Certified Grade comic book transparent protective kit. COMICradle is a hybrid between backing boards and bags, flimsy plastic toppers and expensive 3rd party slabbing, postage and insurance cost. It’s perfect for comic values within a certain value range. Here is where the beauty of The COMICradle comes in — You do the grading, within 72 hours, we send you a customized COMICradle kit, and you do the slabbing. $29.95 for each COMICradle comic book kit with FREE SHIPPING in the USA. Canadian orders additional postage may apply.

And... Many thanks to Tommy Jasmin of Nostomania for their COMICradle article in the current newsletter![i]

How it works:
• You grade your comic book to the best of your ability by using industry standard guidelines (see samples and grading tools on https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com/comicradle-grading/). All 27 grade levels to choose from. Fill-out the online data of the comic title, issue number, date and publisher, and select the condition grade click and submit your order. We’ll customize labels and ship within 72 hours, a COMICradle kit to you that you put together for your comic book.

SEE MORE of COMICradle photos here and order your first kit today. https://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com/comicradle-grading/[i]

The COMICradle kit includes:
• Two 100 point (over 1/16” thick) acid free transparent panels that are 7-1/4” wide x 11-1/2” tall for Silver Age up to Modern Age era comic books (Larger Golden Age sizes also available). You place your comic book in-between the panels and slide it into a Crystal Clear sealable sleeve.

• We design and place on the top front transparent panel, a custom Pre-Certified color-coded numerical and letter grade label of your comic book information that you provided. The data includes: title, number, date, publisher, series, era, date graded, story artist and writers, page count and cover price. The back panel is transparent.

• The unique feature on the front label is a QR code (Quick Response), that you scan with your phone’s camera and prompt’s you to click on www.nostomani.com to reveal that particular comic book’s price value range for certain grades. EXTRA BONUS — For first time purchaser’s of The COMICradle, you will receive a code that allows you to signup as a FREE Premium Subscriber at www.nostomani.com. This allows you to view all the accurate grade price value ranges driven by actual sales data along with Nostomania’s collection management system.

• The backside of the top panel has a Grading Definition of that particular comic. It explains in general terms certain defects and how many are defects are allowed for this pre-certified grade. Or instead, you have the option of adding your own grading notes. Next to that is printed the top part of a COMICradle Grade Lock.

• A Crystal Clear sealable sleeve to slide the panels holding your comic in place. Peel the backing strip off the flap’s back to expose the adhesive, fold flap over, press to seal shut.

• A matching COMICradle Grade Lock that’s a separate label. You peel off the lock’s adhesive backing, and overlay it in place and match-up to complete the existing Grade Lock on the back side of the panel label over the sealed sleeve.

• Two ID Topper Pre-Certified Grade labels that are customized for your comic book. Peel and place on the top edge of the completed COMICradle. (One additional Crystal Clear sealable sleeve included with ID Topper Pre-Certified Grade label already in place for your convenience.)

Very easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The end result is a professional looking and protective folder that’s affordable. Taking orders now!
I like how you broke out the gain/loss percentage for each issue title along with the other categories. It’s a lot easier to see how it’s shaking out!
Tommy, looking good! Keep it coming!
Tommy, this is Amazing. Kudos to capturing the full flavor and range of comic themes, and magazines. I especially liked the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies of Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig #1!
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