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Sounds like making the most of a bad situation, glad you are back in the saddle Marty!
Hi Barlor001 - agree, the Morgan uncertified values are way off. Bear with us, we have someone that will be able to start looking at this, but not until May.
Tyler - we've emailed you a couple times now, let us know if you still need assistance.
All depends on the grades Kallie, and of course if you have any issues with celebrities (like Madonna, etc)
MARTYMANN wrote:Email from BEDROCK CITY COMIC COMPANY offered a complete view of this weeks
comic book day releases. This turned out to be a link to gocollect.
In looking at I realized that many titles had up to 7 different covers.
Does anyone collect them all ?

I would think very few collectors if any Marty. Being a "completist" in comics gets more difficult and frustrating all the time.

Cool on the remainder copies Marty! What is interesting to me is that they sometimes get a FR 1.0 grade, more often a PR 0.5.
Coverless are no longer books to be ignored Marty! Many collectors are now happy with any copy, and will take a coverless. Same with remaindered copies. On the Star Spangled War, the usual scenario here is a title starts to flounder and slip in sales (here Star Spangled Comics), so they would try switching the content and tweaking the title just a bit. If it looked promising, they would restart the numbering. They probably just made a mistake on this one and should have started at #4.
Macie - look at the covers and see if you have any issues that featured people who became pretty famous. For example the Pamela Anderson and Trump covers have gone up in value in recent years. Another thing I would suggest is to pick one out you think is for sure Mint 10.0, and send it to CGC for professional grading. They will put it in a certified holder, and having a 10.0 would mean you have proved you have the best possible copy - now it will sell for a remarkable price!
MARTYMANN wrote:BECKETT is hiring Graders.

What are "DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES" and how are they graded?

Marty - these are the things I called NFTs in one of the email Newsletters. You can't really grade them. It's basically another one of these crypto things where a digital record on the Internet says you are the owner of an image. It was a trendy craze awhile back but has cooled off a lot. Have a great holiday Marty!
Thx mbruni!
There are several others I wanted to mention but was too crunched for time.
MARTYMANN wrote:Hard to believe but it;s been 80 years since I bought my first comic book off a
newsstand...ALL WINNERS #4 graded at a 3.0 by CGC and it still looks great.

How time does fly!

This is why I call Marty the "Living Legend"
Yup, back when nobody would mistake a dollar coin for a quarter.
Hey guys, I guess if you wait long enough...
It's been added to the magazines database, being most often described as a "magazine in comic book format".
Hi - this mag is in the price guide on the site, along with actual sales to tell you what it's been going for.
Hi oaktrimmer - This is a tough on to comment on for many reasons, the most relevant being my affiliation with the site, so of course in an ideal world you were happy slowly selling your books here on Nosto. To be fair, the motivation for developing a marketplace here has been the high fees on places like eBay. Over 20% is just too big a slice of the pie. And while I tout the value of certification for the right books, the turnaround time you mention is actually my biggest complaint. IMO certification shines when you have a high value item, are in no rush, and would really benefit from the assurance that your book has not been messed with - to remove any doubt there has been any restoration done. We are a big fan of Heritage here at Nosto. What you get is a respected, extremely high quality venue in every regard, with a huge audience. It's the one venue where you honestly don't need to slab your book beforehand to get great value with quick turnaround. Their graders and catalogers are so good that buyers trust what they are bidding on, even without the slab. I hear great things about MyComicShop too for lower end items. The good news is that you only decided now to start selling, and are in no big rush. Now and certainly for years to come, is the ideal time to start slowly selling a collection. Welcome to the site! PS - start entering your items in My Lists. One of the key benefits of Nostomania that few collectors realize, is we do a calculation and tell you which comics would benefit from slabbing and which not to bother with!
Agree Marty, there are some fantastic splash pages lurking in relative obscurity. One downside of forever encapsulating a comic. Isn't it something how even coverless comics are now often treasures.

And on those cool Power Record sets - Nostomania does have those in the database, just search Power Record Comics, your Werewolf By Night issue is there. Or even easier, here is a link!
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