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That's not bad really Marty - hopefully the market on the whole is turning the corner and heading back up now...
MARTYMANN wrote:Pleased to see that MyComicShop, in their Weekly Newsletter for August 29th,
features recent buys of Remainder Comics.
Be interested how they price them.

I'll also be interested in how they grade them. Thx for the heads up Marty.
We need to get these in the database Marty!
Absolutely Hank! Thank you so much for alerting us.
Can you try again at your convenience? - we believe we have addressed the problem.
We would very much appreciate if we can confirm an email received from you.
Will look into it Hank, stay tuned.
MARTYMANN wrote:Every so often I like to ask if anyone on this Forum has seen or is aware of where I might
be able to locate a copy of STUNTMAN COMICS #3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Except for one copy that came up for auction years ago no one seems to know if any others

No kidding, this is interesting Marty. Have you checked the CGC census?
The Nostomania census is 0 with zero recorded sales as well, wow, that does sound scarce!
Hi monsterfan52 glad you found the site, we have many members in the NY area, I'm hoping some of them will see your post and contact you.
At first I thought the point was you & CGC were tight, then it all went sideways
But a very pleasant sideways on the 9.2 Iron Fist #14! Why did you think it was only 6.5?
Curious what you knocked it down for, that CGC shrugged about.
Thanks for the feedback guys! I had done away with the quarterly recaps but a few people wrote in and said they really looked forward to them, so I started doing them again.
Marty - especially pages from Uber-Keys like Action 1 and Tec 27. I wish the community would settle on an official grade so Nostomania could formally process the data. It seems that what makes the most sense is the lowest possible (at present anyway) numeric grade of 0.1. Currently CGC assigns the non-numeric grade "PG".
Sounds like making the most of a bad situation, glad you are back in the saddle Marty!
Hi Barlor001 - agree, the Morgan uncertified values are way off. Bear with us, we have someone that will be able to start looking at this, but not until May.
Tyler - we've emailed you a couple times now, let us know if you still need assistance.
All depends on the grades Kallie, and of course if you have any issues with celebrities (like Madonna, etc)
MARTYMANN wrote:Email from BEDROCK CITY COMIC COMPANY offered a complete view of this weeks
comic book day releases. This turned out to be a link to gocollect.
In looking at I realized that many titles had up to 7 different covers.
Does anyone collect them all ?

I would think very few collectors if any Marty. Being a "completist" in comics gets more difficult and frustrating all the time.

Cool on the remainder copies Marty! What is interesting to me is that they sometimes get a FR 1.0 grade, more often a PR 0.5.
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