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No worries starman. just concerned that something happened. i didn't remember you guys missing a monthly report before and figured something might be up. was glad to hear everything is fine. ya. take a break once in a while. lol. as long as you update prices, it's not necessary to give a report if nothing happened. take care.
is it just me or have there been no updates for August 1 or Sept 1?

hope everyone is doing well and it's just work overload and nothing more serious.
your job is never ending. thanks!!
thanks Tommy. found it.
hey guys. i'm looking for values for Mad Magazine. i'm having trouble finding it in the search. i've tried comics and magazine searches. what am i missing? thanks.
Tommy, it was an idea i had for a long time since price data started becoming more available. Never thought it was possible until i stumbled on to this site. I don't take any credit. You guys did all the work. I only thought something like a price chart would be interesting and an awesome plus for Nostomania. Hopefully, it brings in subscribers and adds value to the site. Can't wait to see it

thanks so much Tommy!!
i was just looking yesterday to see what your final price was.
MARTYMANN wrote:Noticed that a copy of DETECTIVE COMICS #168 graded by CGC at VG+ 4.5 is
listed on an upcoming event auction at COMIC CONNECT. Will be interested to
see what the final bid will be.


it will sell for stupid money.... we've entered the greater fool era of comic investing.

i just sold my copy of Spidey #15 cgc 9.0 first kraven for $5100. got the same price as the comiclink auction that ended last night. NOSTO Value? $2930

same comiclink auction had a sale of a Spidey #28 @9.2 went for just under $8400. last sale according to GPA was in Jan for $5300. NOSTO value? $2840

some idiot just paid 60% MORE than the same book 3 months ago, and almost 200% MORE than the NOSTO value.

will the market crash? will it keep going? are these reasonable prices to pay? who knows?
HI guys. was just looking at a book. Flash Comics 104 and saw that included in the pricing data was a 3.5 CBCS sold at heritage. i know you have separate columns for CGC and CBCS still. and i know i've asked this before (i think) but have you decided to combine the two into one column?

for all intents and purposes, i see little or no difference in grading between the two companies. not sure if CBCS is still a little more strict than CGC as it was a few years ago. i'm sure if you did combine the data,
you'd probably get a better price matches for your algorithm.
ya. i've been watching on CBCS also. That's actually how i found Nostomania. I love this site and what the owners are doing/trying to do. I signed up for a year initially, to see if i found it useful ... i'm hooked now. will extend my premium membership ongoing now ...
Marty, i've been sneaking around looking at your books with awe. Wonderful collection.
WOW!! Thanks guys. That's awesome work on our behalf.
Love the ideas. Hopefully they all get implemented. Won't
be easy, but thanks for making the effort.
Thanks Tommy, i guess that makes sense. I was only thinking of constructing a "price" chart of the data. We keep hearing how comic prices have skyrocketed over the last decade. and in truth, they have, for many books. obviously, the biggest gains are going to be in the higher grades. i certainly can't afford them. i might be able to afford something in a lower grade. in which case, there isn't much information about price rises in the 6.0 or 8.0 levels. which is probably where i can afford to invest/buy.

again, i'm just thinking out loud here, and hope that one of my 10 ideas are usable, and can improve the site.

as for the All Star 8... all i have to say.. lucky buyer. if Action 1 @9.0 went for $3 mill+ ... that First Wonder Woman at under $1 mill is a bargain....

again.. not that i can afford it.. lol
Tommy, this was all i could find. I went into comiclink but don't know how to find "SOLD" items.

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