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Just reading the results of COMICCONNECT's latest Event Auction...

SUPERMAN #1 CGC 1.5 $132,250

BATMAN #1 CGC 6.0 $69,000

SENSATION #1 CGC 6.0 $58,000
Pleased to see that MyComicShop, in their Weekly Newsletter for August 29th,
features recent buys of Remainder Comics.
Be interested how they price them.
Grades are back from CBCS:

WOW COMICS #38 3.0


On the CBCS Forum, back with Weekly Contest #330 EbayMafia honored me by
making the Topic Of The Week "DON'T CALL IT A COLLECTION!'.
EbayMafia said, "For the final week of 2022 let's crown a champion from the
As a result, the following were chosen:
Davethebrave won selecting WOW COMICS #138 receiving 27 votes.
stevenricketts came in second with 12 votes for SPIRIT COMICS #22.
Winner number 3 was WEIRD SCIENCE #18 entered by esaravo receiving
11 votes.
As I have submitted them for grading and my SPIRIT #22 was already graded
I've included winner number four ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #91 submitted by
EbayMafia receiving 10 votes for grading...always like to have three graded
at a time.
I'll post the grades when I get them.
Have also asked CGC without a reply..."Anyone know why there are no actual images for 28
of the 61 CGC Recognized Pedigrees shown on the site?".
CGC must have had copies in hand to grade them...
I have asked this question on the CGC GA Forum maybe someone here knows the answer.
Of the 61 recognized Pedigreed Collections by CGC how many of the original owners are
still alive and in possession of their collection?

MY COMIC SHOP shows the cover of STUNTMAN #3...the same one
auctioned by HERITAGE...also lists the contents of the issue which
are reprinted in GREEN HORNET COMICS.
Hi Tommy...

There are no STUNTMAN #3's on the CGC Census and the only copy of this B/W issue
is the one offered by HERITAGE years ago. This issue was the last in the series and
mailed to subscribers only...it was never sold on the newsstand.
I bought #1 & #2 off the newsstand and waited and waited for the next issue to come.
Reprints of the stories from the issue were reprinted in GREEN HORNET COMICS #37
and #39 which i have.
Only wonder if there are any other existing copies out there?
Funny Animal comics may not be very high on the collectibles
list but "Show Us Your Ducks" is a very popular post on the CGC
Golden Age Comics Forum..."DONALD DUCK is a winner!".
Every so often I like to ask if anyone on this Forum has seen or is aware of where I might
be able to locate a copy of STUNTMAN COMICS #3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Except for one copy that came up for auction years ago no one seems to know if any others
Tommy...happy you did!
Happy to see some renewed interest in "Promotional" comics as I've always had a special
place in my collection for them.
Agreed! Happy to see some renewed interest in promotional issues.
Just noticed that on the reverse of the Edith Kanaka'ole U.S. Women Quarter
the design includes 25 cents instead of quarter dollar.
Results from the recent COMIC CONNECT Auction show that a MARVEL FAMILY #1
CGC Graded 1.8 sold for $2,450-, this seems to be a little low.
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