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what comics are you trying to sell
I agree with sutdogcomics, I have used both companies for long periods of time and have found that for high grade book's both are very close. I switched to PGX about 2 1/2 years ago because of the pricing and the turnaround at one point was just about 4 month's. I don't want to pay to join a society and I was not comfortable leaving my book's with a dealer to submit so I changed over. I have found variations with both, I consider myself to be a pretty good grader and most of the time the grades would be on the money or very close from both companies. Once in a while I would get a book back with to high a grade, know way the book should have scored this high, from both companies. I think CGC is very tough on lower grade key's, you can look your self on Ebay or comiclink.com and see what I am talking about a 4 grade from CGC look like a 5.5 to me. I don't know much about the restoration, I have gotten book's back from both where they detected trimming, color touch . I agree if you are in it for resale right now CGC would be you're best bet they will command more. I basically keep all of my book's unless I upgrade and then I might sell a few off. When I have sold PGX high grade key's I do very well, the lower grade's will not bring you the amount you are looking for. While I say that I have seen in the past year a lot more PGX book's out there and now see big seller's sending there book's into PGX because of price and turnaround time. I believe in time PGX will continue to close the gap and make it more balanced. I have now switched totally to PGX because of the price, turnaround time , holder and also because I will keep the majority of my book's
amazing spider-man pgx 4.5, incredible hulk #1 pgx 4.5, avengers #1 pgx 6.5, iron man #1 pgx 9.2 a few wolverine limited #1's pgx 9.9, daredevil #1 pgx 7.5, it took me a while to get these, but these are my best
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