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MARTYMANN wrote:One of my favorite Christmas gifts back in the 40's was a subscription to
LOONEY TUNES & MERRIE MELODIES...it was the gift that gave all year.


Hey Marty - yeah subscription copies are neat, with the old addresses printed right on the comic. They captured a moment in time. I had a few subscriptions when I was a kid too. But after awhile I realized arriving through the mail was damaging my comics, and even back then I knew enough about grading that I decided better let the subscriptions lapse...
Hi sbart4234 - this is a fairly common problem with the magazines category we need to address. The fact that the "official" number for a given issue might be "Volume X, Issue Y", but we need an easier way to match up the issue you have in your hands (which might just say "January 1965").

Filling out the image library will help a lot - that is a high priority goal for magazines and our coverage is increasing. So I guess the answer is we're sorry, we acknowledge the issue here, and we are working to address it.
Just the idea that you got out to a show is great to hear Marty! I was a bit disappointed in the show I went to recently, as far as representation by actual comic dealers versus fluff that had very little business being there period, but again, just the idea that shows are resuming is a comfort. To be fair, going around and conversing with masks on is not fun, and can't help but dampen the vibe for everyone. But we're clawing our way back to normalcy.
Thanks for the feedback mbruni! And see the just-sent October NostoNews for more info on these changes, thank you!
Hey sugarman - hopefully this was answered in the Premium Subscriber newsletter, but yes, all good. Experimenting with the news/update model. Part of me thinks more frequent, smaller snippets of info. That and part of me also feels we shouldn't "force" a monthly update if nothing major happened that month. Rest assured I have plenty of irons in the fire for you.
MARTYMANN wrote:While the majority of my collection grades between 4.0 and 6.5 it never ceases to amaze me
when I seen a book from the mid 40's grade at 9.0 or above. Where could this book have be


Marty - often, these books are a result of three things:

  • A cool, dry climate

  • Compression (they were stacked)

  • No love (they were left alone and not read over and over!)

  • Well, I'm looking at the Nosto trend chart and the book is definitely very hot, but... the big value jumps occur from 8.5 and up. I think in this range it's on the edge and even if pressing popped it a grade, it might not justify the cost. Looks like you'd pick up $60-$75 in this range. Without the scuffs, it would definitely be worth a closer look. Just my 2C of course.

    If it makes you feel better, one trip to Chicago-Con many years ago, my buddy asked a dealer if he could look closer at mid-high grade ASM #14. This was not a time to mess around and the dealer should have completely removed the tape before pulling the book out. You know what happens next. The dealer was so bummed, and all we could do is say "sorry about that" and slowly wander off. I used to do this move I called the "quick pull" and it drove my friends nuts. It was essentially gambling but I figured if I pulled the book out fast enough, the tape had no chance of adhering, no "time to grab on". I finally stopped that practice, I think I mainly did it because it made my friends nervous.
    Hi joelbeers and welcome. So many of us have had this happen, it's a terrible feeling. IMO this would knock the grade down a full notch from FN 6.0 to VG/FN 5.0. A serious hit for sure but as you inferred, being mid-grade already not necessarily a huge hit in value. While we all know it was tape related, for grading purposed the defect is generalized as a cover scuff, and the hit varies by severity. Still a super cool book!
    Decent grades Marty - you ever think of jotting down your grade estimate before sending and compare? And do you go back and change the certification in Nostomania My Lists afterward?
    Marty - it's not in the database because we have not been able to capture a sale to "seed" the values. Additionally, we don't know the price differential between the Consumer Edition and Dealer Edition. If you are aware of any recorded actual sales please let me know, I'd love to get this comic in the database for you!
    Thought I'd share the story, short but good read.
    It has been insane Marty! So many sales get flagged by our code as suspicious because the price is so much higher than current Nostomania value.
    Marty - if you scroll down on the Batman #423 page, it appears this is due to some recent 9.8 sales that were significantly higher than the previous 9.8 value. Hot book!
    It's been pretty quiet Marty
    I think revamping the forums needs to start moving up the list here at Nostomania.
    I do have a few interesting topics to discuss and should probably post a few on the main news thread...
    MARTYMANN wrote:Thinking about putting together a catalog of my collection including history of purchase and pictures.
    My question is should the books be listed in alphabetical order by title or would it be better to list
    them under publishers?
    I know it might be quite a project but I believe it's something I should do.

    Any thoughts?


    Marty - my personal preference would be both - by publisher first and alphabetical within each publisher. That's an easy way for me to visually digest comic info. I'm thinking about adding such a "filter" in the Nosto V2 work this year.
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