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One of the best-kept secrets in comics right now might be the Baron/Earls podcast. I checked out the Kelley Jones episode and I admit I was pretty surprised how much I enjoyed it. Really neat to get insight into the gestation of classic story arcs, artistic styles, etc.
sugarman - This has been fixed. The new search code was ignoring words of three characters or less, since they are typically conjunctions or prepositions (and, or, of, the, etc.). I changed the search to honor three character words and also dashes (X-Men wasn't working either, yikes!).
Hi sugarman -

Yes, odd that's not turning up in the new search, we'll have to look into it.
Meanwhile, if you search alphabetical, choosing "M", the title Mad will be in the 1st page of results.
Thanks for letting us know!
It's hard to know without seeing it, but based on your interactions with a few coin dealers it sounds like you probably do have a mint error coin.

If you think about it, any production process involving both humans and machines is not going to produce 100% perfect results.

It's possible this is a Washington Quarter accidentally struck on a Jefferson Nickel planchet (which would have nickel on the sides and copper in the middle).

Here is an example of one of those from a different date:

It might be worth sending Fred a note and picture, and see what he says?

It's likely not super valuable but you never know.
Mario - yes, I assume the Nostomania reference images are your personal copies? You know, I just realized there was a Super Rabbit, Super Duck, but I don't think there was ever a Super Pig? Anyway, I'm sorry one of your other all-time faves, the Green Turtle (who starred in Blazing Comics) did not make the cut.
Well wait until you see it, heh! But yes everyone, this was sugarman's idea.
Agamoto wrote:Well, I'm getting somewhere at least...

I switched the encoding from UTF8 to ANSI and it looks like it accepted the file, but now it's giving me errors about ambiguous titles and issues not found.

Hey Agamoto - sorry we didn't catch the forum post before the help line, and sorry about all the frustration! Yes - as you painfully discovered, the file must be ASCII text, no other format will work. Very sorry, NostoLoader is a very old system.
Hi BronzeAgeDBRAD -

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! If I had to guess it looks like we lost the logic in that section that should say "give user access if they are a Premium Subscriber or a new Trial User". Probably happened with some recent code changes in that part of the site. We'll get this corrected for sure by the May 1st site update.
Hey Rollerstone611 - sorry, but I just looked and we have almost no historical pricing for this magazine, very disappointing. I guess you'll have to try browsing eBay "sold items". Sorry we couldn't help you more, I'll have to see if we can find a source of some sales data to see values with.
MARTYMANN wrote:Just added a group of FOUR COLOR COMICS...those with DELL Picture Frame covers...


Great additions Marty, thanks! During these chaotic times we can find some solace in the nostalgia of our collections... Great to hear from you buddy, be well.
Also Cube, please check the Market Reports on the site - it's pretty clear the pricing for all items in all databases is only updated quarterly at present.
Hi Cube -

If a user decided to opt for Premium Account (monthly or yearly), everything they get is
listed in the "Why Premium?" link, please click there for all the details. If anything is not
clear I can explain.

That's a pretty tight release cycle you guys have, congrats! You must be using every tool
available - continuous integration, automated testing, and whatever else I'd love to hear
more about it. What type of software do you work on?

Let me try to explain the update cycle a different way. If we say real-time pricing
anywhere on the site, please let me know, that's very misleading. The sales data
is what's updated daily. In order to update the price points for every item in every database
at every grade, items for which we might not see a single sale for years, we need to
first gather lots of individual sales. I'd have to check but I think we need at
minimum over 100,000.

We could flag individual items each night where we have captured a sale, and show the
price trend on that item. In fact that's a great idea, we should probably implement that.
But I'm not going to update everybody's collection and give them a misleading read on
value (auto-update their collection values) based on a single sale, no way.

Thanos #13 - if there is no movement here, this is a bug. It appears there are 8 different
versions of #13 for the series you mention. I assume you mean any and all of them, since
you didn't call out a variant. Maybe something about the variant wording is preventing us
from capturing sales, we'll definitely have to resolve this.

Let me try to highlight one of the services we offer in another way too. Check tomorrow
for this sale on the site (see pic). Note how you can go to the price chart, and click the
link which will take you directly to the sale on eBay.

Note also, how 1) Incentive ratios are not always what they are cracked up to be. This
particular one looks to have been very overrated at release. 2) Our code is smart enough
to map this book based on the description sold, to the description in our database. This
is why no Thanos sales is a little troubling, but much of this is somewhat new and it's
not easy to get software right as you well know.

Hi Cube - great to have you kicking the tires here, thanks for the questions. Here are some very brief initial answers:

Search: Search is "fuzzy", so if you go Comic Books -> Pricing, and type in just "black hammer", the results should show you all Black Hammer titles currently indexed. There could be some missing, if so we would want to know about that and add them.

Pricing Updates: Pricing is currently updated quarterly That may change and we are working on other near real-time alerts as well, but the entire database is recomputed with very complex, compute-intensive algorithms every three months at present.

Contact Us not working! Yes, this will need to be fixed immediately and we'd love more detail here, since we do hear from some users daily (so only some email is not reaching us, which is troubling).

Batman Beyond: There are at least six Batman Beyond series, we'll take a look and see what is missing here.

Template Pricing: There are no templates - pricing is seeded with initial values and continually adjusted driven by all actual sales gathered between updates. We recommend you start by looking at the behavior for books we have lots of sales for. Look at the pricing curves and hover over the actual sales shown.

Again, we really appreciate you taking the time to post questions.
Hi Inkedbaby - You are welcome to look them up in the pricing section of the site, and list them for sale on Nostomania. Depending what you have though, it may be easiest to just list them as lots/sets on eBay, to be honest. Especially the Pokemon cards. We actually considered supporting Pokemon at one time, but that was back when it looked like Pokemon might rule the world. You can always list what you have here on the forums too and request offers.
MARTYMANN wrote:Seems to be a lot of users on the site over the past few days...looking up the value of Christmas Gifts?


Let's hope they look 'em up after the new pricing update on the 1st too Marty
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