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Hi mbruni. Your interesting solution certainly seems more time-efficient and cost effective. I suspect that it's influence on sale price is mitigated by the lack of an official grading certification. It behooves me to become an accomplished grader and to convince potential buyers that the grade is "certifiable". I applaud your industry though!

I don't see myself ever settling for turnaround times of several months to get anything certified and slabbed. I've been poring over my Overstreet Grading Guide and comparing it to the grading guide on Nosto. I'm even watching some YouTube videos on the topic. Not sure how far I want to take this. I really appreciate the "Uncertified" column on the Nosto price lists. That's most likely the way I'll go. I'm currently developing the list that I will eventually submit to Nosto.
Thanks Martymann. Looking forward to it!
Thanks, starman! I appreciate your input very much. I just spent the last 30 minutes pulling my 7 boxes out from under the stairs in the basement and skimming through them. I have a big job ahead of me to generate a detailed catalog. I also intend to get the premium membership, but I have to get my PayPal account funded and up-to-snuff since that appears to be the only way to pay for a membership. I haven't used my PayPal account for probably 15 years back when I was doing some ebay stuff.

I actually created a Nosto account back in 2007 but did nothing with it. At the time, I had created a list of my higher value items but, no surprise, it's no longer there. That's okay since I intend to create a detailed inventory in the coming days. I'm retired so I have a lot of free time.

I will look into Heritage and MyComicShop. Thanks for the heads up.

Looking forward to exploring the premium content for the site.
I have approximately 2000 vintage comics (pre-1975), mostly Marvel and DC, that have been sitting boarded and bagged in my basement for decades. I've been considering beginning to sell them. I had one certified (Amazing Spider-man #50) about 15 years ago with PGX because it was the most cost effective at the time. I've been looking into the cost and turn-around for getting some of my higher value comics certified and slabbed but I've been disillusioned by the turn-around time. I simply can't bring myself to wait 194 days (by one estimate with CGC) before I can begin marketing it. Which brings up the next question: What's the best venue for selling comics? I don't care for Ebay because of all of the fees and their practice of nickel-and-diming you to death. I'm still in research mode but this site seems reasonable. I'm not in a hurry to sell them and I see myself selling them piecemeal over several years as the mood seizes me. Just trying to get a better feel for options.
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