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Tommy, thanks for the great write-up on my raw grade grading labels and backer sheets! Nostro members, visit http://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com. All the best and happy grading! Mario
The Next Generation Version 2.0 are now available for your raw grading needs. Redesigned as a more uniformed look, thinner, longer and color-coded. Fits all boards. Based on the Overstreet grading scale from 10.0 Gem Mint - 0.1 Incomplete grades. Choose from 4 label kits that offer 100 labels from each kit for $5.95 plus .95 cents for shipping for each kit. Label kits to choose from are: the Classic Starter Kit 1 that has the complete pre-printed grading range of 100 labels; High Grade Label Kit 2 -100 labels, range 10. Gem Mint - 7.0 Fine/Very Fine; Mid Grade Label Kit 3 - 100 Labels - 6.5 Fine+ to 4.0 Very Good; and Low Grade Label Kit 4 - 3.5 Very Good - 0.1 Incomplete. You can view the label kits at http://www.comicbookgradinglabels.com.

Also, Comic Book Backer Sheets. Keep your collection value up to date with these backer board sheets that slip in behind the backing boards. Check off the raw grade, and keep note of the title's value whenever you look it up, along with other notes if you like.

Put as much information or as little information on the sheets on the back as you like! Once you slide the sheet into place and seal it, you can even write on the back of the sleeve when you update the title's value — without having to take it out! All backer board sheets fit all boards and sleeves.

Attention Nostomania Members: FREE shipping on your first Raw Grade Starter Kit 2.0. - The Next Generation purchase! How does it work? Simple, just mention your Nostomania member name in the special instruction box when ordering. One time only FREE shipping per member, on your first purchase. Limited to the first 25 Nostomania Members or Apil 1, 2016, whichever comes first. Your collection is waiting!

Thanks again to Starman for his encouragement on this ever evolving product. It's sure to please![img]

Happy Holidays, my fellow Comic book collectors brothers and sisters,
Overall the response has been okay to the labels for raw grading. I have showcased the starter kit at a few local comic book shows inUpstate NY this past fall. I have gotten a lot of good feedback, and during the course of using the labels, I have redesigned them to be easier to use, sleeker, and simpler. These will be ready to post here, and I will offer some type of a discount to Nosto members when they are ready to view on my website sometime in Jan. 2016.

Also, I am in the finishing stages of designing another collector product tool, a raw grade evaluator sheet that slips between the backing board and the sleeve, a "backer-sheet" that you could check-off the grade of the comic book, keep track, of the value +/-, other info you deem important as a collector or dealer. The sheets are cut to size to fit all backing boards. The design reminds me of a back of a TOPPS baseball card! It's pretty neat looking! I also have comped-up two different versions of this design also. I will be posting those here first, then placing them on my website early in 2016.

Well that's it for now. Still checking antique shops, estate sales, garage sales, asking around for who has old comics. Still looking for Action Comics #1!

Happy Holidays!
P.S. - If you are curious, you can check out my raw grading labels and Mars Attacks stuff at:
Starman, when you post the Sept newsletter, will the title listings be recalibrated to reflect the value change in the current marketplace.
This may help you in grading your titles
Yes it does Starman.
moajr, Try the grading labels on just on only your top value comics. I am also working on separate grading sheets that would have more labels per sheet of certain values for cost savings in situation like yours. Try a few, take photos and then post them here or any other auction website and see what happens.
Good luck with the sales!
Presentation is everything, try this starter labeling kit on your top title selections at...
Good luck with the sales!
Comic Collector's, here are 3 photos of my new product that will enhance your comic book collection. More information to follow.
The "Collector's Condition-Comic Book Raw Grade" stickers have been designed pretty much to my graphic standard satisfaction. I have been experimenting with placing them on the backing boards, slipping the boards into the sleeves, and then placing the comic into the sleeve and taping the backs of the sleeve backs as per normal collector's drill.

I have also stuck the stickers onto existing taped/backed comics already on the boards, and folded the backs of the sticker over the top. Sweet and practical! They are removable white stickers printed with archival inks for the color rainbow grading system, based on the accepted standard 10 point grading system WE ALL USE. I produce and print the sticker sets myself in my graphic arts studio in Upstate NY. No middle man. This will keep the cost affordable for the huge collections that collectors have.

The "Collector's Condition-Comic Book Raw Grade"stickers are removable so you can readjust them over and over again to your liking. I will be introducing a "Collector's Condition-Comic Book Raw Grade Stickers - Starter Kit" of 100 stickers/pages with a certain amount of numbered-grade variety of each condition on each sheet. 15 stickers per sheet. The stickers will be wide and deep enough so as not to obstruct the comic book cover, yet be informative to the collector/viewer. You just grade your comic book as you usually do, choose the sticker raw grade value, write the value range on them and the date if you like, with space enough for notes on the back of the sticker also. The sticker(s) will work on ANY existing standard comic book grading board/sleeve in today's market. I will have a special introductory price for a limited time.

From there, the collector may order what grading series/quantity he or she needs to go forward to use on an ongoing basis. I will not be selling to comic book shops for the time being, and only sell direct to you — the comic book collector/investor!

I would like to thank this website, www.Nostomania.com for their support in this much needed endeavor of this much need product! I hope to be running a banner ad soon on www.Nostomania.com, so when you click on the banner ad it will take you to The "Collector's Condition-Comic Book Raw Grade" stickers website to place your first order. I am looking for a spring launch date. As a comic book collecotor/investor, you will now be able to stick to your grade — again and again!

In the next few weeks I will be completing the "Starter Kit" for your collection. I will be running a banner ad on Nostomania.com to promote it and you will be able to link and view the landing web page for further information on the product and to place your order. Stay Tuned!
Are the Avery stickers placed on the top of the backing board sleeve? As a graphic artist, I have been designing an alternative to the standard commercial stickers, and have been refining a much needed collector's tool that I believe will be embraced in the market. I will be test marketing the grading sticker soon. It is practical, affordable, and fun! I can't wait to showcase it!
I have been searching everywhere and can not find a standard grading stickers. I am sure there are plenty of home made solutions that collectors use like Avery colored stickers, crack and peel sheets, mailing labels etc. But there MUST be some company that sells a grading sticker set? Any ideas fellow collectors?
Thanks for the heads-up. Yeah, I have seen the back rooms of these shops, full of racks and racks of comics...and no sprinkler system! Yikes! For now, I am still in the collecting/ processing/grading mode. When the time is right, I will be using Nostro's service to sell, buy and trade. Can't wait!
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