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What a story!
MARTYMANN wrote:Having a great time posting reference images...giving me the opportunity to revisit my collection.

It's always great to have an excuse to sift through your collection, hey Marty? Brings back memories and sometimes I'm like "oh, I forgot I had that!".
Thanks sugarman! Yeah those are three pretty hefty tasks. To do well anyway. I'm pretty confident we can knock two of them off this year. Thanks for chiming in - great to know a few of you actually crack open that Premium Subscriber newsletter email
Hey FM fans - there are over 700 people waiting for a Famous Monsters thread to start on
Quora, see:


It would be great if someone here like Batko10 or TheWolfMan could get that started!
It just needs a topic description to kick off, and I figure one of you are way more
qualified than me.
MARTYMANN wrote:Right now at 9:30am there are 87 online users: 1 registered (me) and 86 guests.
What are the guests looking at?


Hey Marty - all that means is anyone on the web can browse and read the forum pages, and if not actually signed in to Nostomania that counts as a guest. So maybe someone searched for something and one of the Forum pages was in the search results, that's a possibility. Or just random people poking around.
MARTYMANN wrote:Not sure if anyone is out there but just in case...

Marty Mann

It's usually pretty quiet around these dusty forums Marty, but I have a feeling that will improve in 2018. Our best to you and we wish you a great coming year as well!
Not exactly a review, but a plug for a Kickstarter longtime Nostomania collaborator Mike Baron is running for a new book he's putting out. Check out the options here folks:

There are options from a very small donation getting you signed copies up to original art pages.

Steve Rude cover, check it out:

MARTYMANN wrote:Tommy...

While listing my five issues of ZERO HOUR CRISIS IN TIME #'s 4-3-2-1-0, I was unable to
list my CGC Graded ASHCAN COPY #1. Is this listed somewhere else or are ASHCAN COPIES
not included.


Ashcan's are included Marty, this was just missing from the Nostomania database.
It's in the development database now, and will migrate to production with the next
pricing update at the absolute latest. If you run across missing items, just send a
note to the help lines is the best way to get it added:

MARTYMANN wrote:My collection consists of two separate groups of comics...one THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION
a group of 700+ comics that I purchased off the newsstand between 1942 and 1954 and second
THE CIRCLE COMICS collection, books that were purchased from primarily THE PASSAIC BOOK
CENTER and from Comic Auctions in early 1980-81. These books were used for resale at COMIC
SHOWS by my Sons and I.
So far I have listed 750 comics, 698 from PARK AVENUE and 52 from CIRCLE COMICS.
Is there any way I can develop two lists so they don't have to be combined?


Sorry for the delay here Marty, we were busy updating the site with the new features.
What you would have to do is create a 2nd Nostomania account, call it "Circle-Mann" or
something. You just need to register under a 2nd email address, or a variation of your
primary email address, if it has any aliases. For example, for many people, if
firstname.lastname@foo.com is valid, so is just lastname@foo.com, or firstname.lastinitial@foo.com

If you want to try this, fine with us.

Another thing we could maybe do is add a tag for "collection" or "pedigree" on the Item
Detail pages (this month we just added Page Quality). That would pave the way for us
to allow users to sort on this field. Hhmm... I'll have to think about that one. It would
take a little work and we usually only do feature requests for Premium Subscribers, but
we really enjoy having you around.
MARTYMANN wrote:Tommy...

In addition to the above, I have three ungraded issues of GRAND SLAM THREE ACES...#'s 45-49 & 50
that I'm unable to locate on your list.


Marty - good news here, we were able to find some actual sales for "seed values" and now have this title in our development database. The bad news is you have to wait until the next site update to add these to your collection in My Lists.

I think what happened here is originally, for some reason, we were only going to support U.S. publishers, but have since changed that policy, so if you see any Canadian-published titles that are missing from Nostomania, we will add them. Thanks Marty.
MARTYMANN wrote:Tommy...

Thank you for all your efforts.
My copies of GRAND SLAM THREE ACES were purchased off the newsstand right alongside all the
other major comics in 1945. Published by Anglo-American Publishing in Ontario Canada.
They carry advertising for Fawcett Publications CAPTAIN MARVEL CLUB and MACHANIX ILLUSTRATED


Marty - ahhh... Canadian publisher. So probably not listed in Overstreet?

Good news is Jim decided this year Nostomania should start supporting
Canadian, U.K., and other Editions and publishers. Mainly because we are seeing
more and more sales of these and we feel our users will for example want to know
the price differential between a U.K. Hulk 2 and a U.S. Hulk 2.

And... of course, there are collectors like yourself who are living historical treasures,
who purchased books like these off the stands. Amazing.

So we will get this title in the database for you. Remember though, the change
won't migrate to the production database until the next site update.
Marty - what are the Grand Slam Three Aces? Promotionals? Not seeing refs in Overstreet.

PS, got your Peter Penny added to the development database, will let you know when it's
promoted to production.
MARTYMANN wrote:Tommy...

In addition to the above, I have three ungraded issues of GRAND SLAM THREE ACES...#'s 45-49 & 50
that I'm unable to locate on your list.


Good stuff Marty - keeo it coming, it's like filling in Gerber White Spaces! I'll try and get these in
the database. Stay tuned, I'll confirm here if all ok.
MARTYMANN wrote:Unable to post my graded variant copy of PETER PENNY AND HIS MAGIC DOLLAR...
one of the reasons I'm here.


Marty - can you let us know what CGC put on the label for distinguishing your variant?
Overstreet has two entries:

1) nn scarce used in SOTI, pg 310 - 311

2) Diff. version (7 1/4 x 11")- redrawn 16 pgs, paper cover
MARTYMANN wrote:STARMAN...How do I ",,,punch in my books as reference images for NOSTO..."?
I'd appreciate any help.

Marty Mann

Marty - this is Tommy, I am actually in the middle of simplifying how members can add images.
You inspired me to make this improvement we have been thinking about here for quite awhile now.
It's almost done so hold tight and probably next week I can send you steps on how to do this.
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