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I found this -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZJ4VwFHSp4

I do not know what to make of this but I thought it might be useful to others...
Was the average delay between the release of a comic and it's listing on Nosto?

I notice the new Flash series isn't and the most recent Flash is Rebirth #5...

Just wondering and thank you sooooo much!
Hmmm, I have been going through my comics and checking your list of grading and reading many articles on the site and learned a whole lot!

This is a very cool website indeed!
This is very helpful. Can I upload my excel spreadsheet collection to nostomania? And if I upload scans to here would you guys help me grade a few comics? Not officially of course but you know say two or three issues just to walk me through the process. I learn by doing and having others teach me first hand... If it's not too much to ask...
Also, Iw ouldn't mind some tips on the cheapest ways to increase the value of your collectio. i.e mylar and slabbing and whatnot. I live in Eastern Canada and there don't seem to be many options around here.
I can't figure out how to grade my comics even looking at some examples. I see some examples that look really beat up and they get high grades and others are in good shape and get low grades. It seems rather arbitrary. And I'm concerned about buying and selling on ebay. Seems risky.
Yeah, I kind of just started too. With the Iron Man movie. I loved that movie so much I had to read more. Now I buy three titles. Green Lantern, Iron Man and I'm gonna start on Flash. I love to read the stories but frankly I'm deathly afraid of the "collector" I don't a pig's nose from an elbow. What's the best way to learn about this stuff.

Thank you
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