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I'm originally from the UK so lots of my Marvel Comics have pence covers eg 10p, instead of 25 cents, and Marvel All Colour Comics, like

My question is...I sometimes see US dealers selling UK variants for considerably LESS than their US counterparts, and I'm wondering why? Comicspriceguide.com also lists their value lower than regular US versions.

I don't think UK versions were reprints and I heard one dealer estimate only 2-3% of issues printed had UK prices on them which makes them considerably scarcer. Why the disparity?
About Archie, #600 sold about 54,000 copies according to the August sales estimates on CBR.

Perhaps if Greg Horn did the covers, they can keep it that way
Only Spawn #1 I'd consider a CGC keeper is maybe the b&w cover...regular editions are just too many.

I sometimes have a good giggle at the CGC books I see on eBay. It seems like some fans buy up regular comics, with no investment value whatsoever, and send them to CGC thinking 9.8s will turn them into gold. Maybe this is why there might be a 3-month turnaround time to get books graded because there's a load of junk sent in by hopefuls who think someone will pay them over $75 for a comic you can get for $1 everywhere even in NM cuz no one really cares about it anyway.

As for me...I'd rather invest some spare change in a VERY-HIGH GRADE bronze-age book, like X-Men 94 - 120 thereabouts, then send that in to CGC...not the crap you can get for below cover-price over the past few years.

I thought this was the rarest cover of the lot but last night I discovered, and won, the Canadian Expo variant...it's a 'virgin' version of the Alex Ross cover. I heard only 1500 copies exist. That makes it 1% of the total
I was fortunate to locate, bid on, and win a slabbed 9.6 Ultimate Spider-Man #1 DF edition with the certificate intact, and will be enclosed separately.

Two others, a 9.6 and 9.8 were without the certificate...but didn't seem to affect the bidding.
I've noticed some slabbed books on eBay but in a couple of instances where I sent a message to the seller to ask if the DF certificate is also available, they said no, that CGC kept it.

Does this affect the value of a book even if the grade remains intact?

Personally, I'd want back the cert since it applies to that specific book, has a number etc....
More advice...I have a choice between

Ultimate Spider-Man 1 DF
Amazing Spider-Man 100

Both high-grade..

On another note, I've been mortified that Ultimate Spider-Man issues from 2up are nosediving on eBay...when a #2 (swinging cover) sells for $6.51 in NM - which was unthinkable from 2001-2006 or so, one wonders if only issues #1 and #5 are worth it anymore.

Mile High comics are sellling issues from 100 up for barely over a dollar... when they go so cheap one wonders what happened to this series. And I detest those variants from 104 up...
I'm referring to this example used to illustrate a 7.0 book


This book has someone's name penned on the cover in ink. Was leeway given to this book because it's OLD or would a pen-marking penalise bronze/modern age books more harshly?

Take for an example an otherwise NM+ book with a price penned on the cover, or a couple of minor scribbles to see if the pen was working....

If anything, I am glad I am so anal when it comes to hand-picking my own personal copies from a pile of new books....
Okay, expecting resounding response rate of 1...so here goes...

...can anyone tell me what the print-run of the 1st Variant printing was like? I'm seeing about 6 versions of this book, regular, 5 variants....not including foreign issues.

This is the cover I mean...

I missed out on it when it was released and I'm seeing high prices for it so I just want to know if it's a good buy...and if it's the most collectible ish of ASM since #300?

I am not buying a new issue with that cover-price.

In this current economic climate it is just stupid.

I can buy loads of high-grade back-issue books on eBay, with a unit cost that's far more reasonable...and then spend any extra cash on collector's books which have stood the test of time and can be resold years later and at least recover my cost.

I don't see the point in dumping $4 on a comic that might be worth a quarter in 6 months time.

Whoever decided to raise cover-prices can accept the Ultimate Jezebel 'birdie' which is free of charge.
Thanks for the in-depth answer tommy.
Thought this would be a hot topic here, gosh, I can hardly keep up with the discussions here
I won a copy in an unopened black bag on eBay for $1.50...only this version and the platinum variant are worth keeping, the rest of the printings are basically confetti.
Assume I have 2 copies of a rare comic and sent each for grading.

One comes back 9.9

The other comes back 10

What can cause a 0.1 difference, and is a 10.0 comic really flawless?
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