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Right now, my collection stands at the current market-Overstreet value stands between $7,400-$7,700. I have thousands of silver/bronze-age comics yet to review and grade. Non have been slabbed, so I am going on available research on grading condition, and based on prior titles I have purchased by various well-known shops, and grading with a conservative eye. I have been quoted from shop dealers from just conversation with them that they would only offer anywhere from 20-40% of my total collection! Is that the norm? I am in no rush to sell, and can sit on this collection for years to come.
Great answer. To the point!
Hence, the 'ol eagle eye comes into play when grading and re-grading. I compared my grading standards to purchases I made from ComicConnect/Metropolis titles and fine that I am right-on or off maybe off up to 1.0 point, and then make my corrections. I am sure as I do a few more 1000 or so, I should refine it. I went to a local comic shop and looked at a Spider-Man #29, and they had it at Fine 7.0. I inspected it and I thought it was graded up to 1.5 higher than I would have graded it. A lot of stress fractures up and down the front of the spine. I questioned it, and was told it's Fine. Not buying their grading standards. Then I was told by them and another shop that they buy collections and pay only up to 40% of value if I sell it to them direct so I could make a quick buck. I am in no hurry, and will wait for the value to rise, like a fine wine, or is that whine!
I just came across 400 of Silver & Bronze age titles. At first I graded them high in quality, but after a few weeks, I went back and re-graded them DOWN- .5 to -1.5 on about 1/3 to 1/2 of the overall volume of titles of what I originally graded them. Am I to conservative in my grading? Or is this normal, after the initial excitement wanes?
I can add #1 at 7.0, but it's worth $1.45? But #2 is worth over $10. Isn't #1 always more valuable? I then went back to #1 and modified it to a 9.4 and the value jumped to over $54. So it's kind of working I guess.
Mike, that's not good news. Politics even in collecting Famous Monsters of Filmland. Forrest J. Ackerman is spinning in his grave!
Is anyone else having problems trying to select issue #'s and grading conditions? When I input #1 grad 7.0 it says condition not availible. Then i downgrade the condition to 6.5 and get a value less then $2? Coding error, or on my end? I tried multiple times and issue in the title.
Once I select a title, grade, the value pops in automatically, which is a great feature on your site. Does it change at a certain time of the year to reflect the change in value? Or do I need to resubmit it once a year?
i did a search for how to grade and came upon your site. very impressive and informative. i have recently gotten back into collecting, but this time as an investor. i will be using your services soon. i just came upon 1000s of silverage, bronze, copper titles and will be posting them soon to sell. thanks again for a wonderful, helpful resource!
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