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Alright. So, you're saying you'll look into it because I'm a paying subscriber? Is there a particualr place I should post my "issues"?

Hi Starman! Glad I'm not all alone. Hope your holidays were satisfactory. If you look under "Site updated with 784 new comic issues" you will find a list of comics that I could not place on the site. I could not find them on the lists. I have another list about 100 comics long to add to the ones already posted. Are they not in your database, or am I doing something wrong?

Hello hello hello
Is there anybody in here
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?

I finally get around to using this site and everyone is gone!
Original Swamp Thing Saga, Summer issue
Hi. Me again. Here are some more:

Wildstorm Swimsuit Special
Homage Studio Swimsuit Special
Comic Talk
Superman & Savage Dragon in Metropolis
Top Cow Classics in Black & White / Fathom
First Man
G.I. Joe vs Transformers II
Ghost Rider (2001) (I have issue #1, don't think it is a one-shot)
Hulk Smash
Spyke (Heavy Hitters series by Epic Comics)
Hackmasters of Everknight

Hey there,

I have a few issue #1/2 distributed through Wizard (Iron Man, Savage Dragon), but I'm not finding them anywhere. Help?

My next batch of questionables:

WILDcats Sourcebook #1 & 2
Wildcats Ladytron
Wildcats Special '93

Conan and the Songs of the Dead

The New Avengers Most Wanted Files
SuperPatriot War on Terror
IronMan: Bad Blood

I also have some comics from Spire Comics (a christian comic group, I think), mostly Archie/Jughead/The Gospel Blimp
You also have a listing for "Richie Rich and Gloria" going up to issue 10, but I have an issue #14...
Hey Nosto gang,

I've recently re-started (again) entering my collection and came across some that weren't on any lists that I could find. Any help is appreciated:

Wolverine Encyclopedia
Wolverine: Inner Fury
Wolverine: Killing
Wolverine: Black Rio

Hopefully by the time I'm done uploading all of my info the market will have picked up and I can start selling them off. My wife needs new restaurant equipment!
Maybe I can scan some covers, too... but no promises.

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