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MARTYMANN wrote:Is anyone aware of how much, if any, is deducted by CBCS or CGC for the center crease made by
mailing subscription copies. As these comics appear to be coming directly from the publisher and
never placed on the newsstand, I wonder if they shouldn't receive some special designation.


I think that books with a subscription crease tend to do no better than an 8.5 but I've never had one graded with that defect. I have a Mad Mad Monster Party with one which I have at a 9.0 but I'm pretty sure it would be graded much harder by a company.

I don't think it needs to be added and this time. If Damage Control winds up getting a series or becoming crazy popular, it might need it.


As I remember it started off as a series of articles with reprints of the original art from the initial appearances of the characters, but I think they did start introducing some of the newer characters as the series went on. There was an issue dedicated to Mantillo which has Rocket Raccoon on the cover and Damage Control first appeared in one of the Annuals and that is creating a little bit of heat on some of the issues there.

I hope this is some help.
Hi there

I would recommend checking out the description on this site of the different comic book grades and apply them to your books as objectively as possible. From there, I would check nostomania and other sources to get a feel for what types of prices the books are getting without a professional grade being done on them. There are many people who dramatically increase the cost of the book on there is a certified grade attached to it and do not let those prices distract you from what your books are potentially worth.


Put up a scan so we can see them. If the tanning isn't too bad, it could remain in the 9's.

yospice wrote:I am liquidating a collection of about 300 Golden age books of various grades. Some of them will be worth certifying, but how should I deal with the rest? Do I take my best shot at giving the book a grade and hope the buyer agrees when they receive it? What if they don't agree? Thank you very much.

Hey there

Depending on if they are key books or not, I would not get them graded unless you stand to make so much extra money with the grading to justify the time and expense of the project.

I would get up with my LCS (Local Comic Shop) and discuss possible grades with them or use the Overstreet Guide for grading to make your best estimates. If you look to sell online, be prepared to have clear pictures and scans with your ad so anyone interested in purchasing the the books can look at them.

Good luck!
rmonteirinho wrote:Hi

i can't find some comics in the database of the website

How can i insert them?

Often if you send them a polite message about anything missing in the database or numbering which is off, Starman and co will get it updated with in the
next month or so. If it takes longer, they will send you an e-mail about that.

I think they dread seeing e-mails from me at times because they are often accompanied with a long list of books that no one in their right mind

VictoriaRayne wrote:Hi. I am somehwat new to collecting (buying/selling) although I have a ton of comics.

Am I to understand correctly that if the inside page of a comic has "THIS IS A REPRINT OF A PREVIUOSLY PUBLISHED ISSUE" that it is NOT an original #1 or 1st issue in the series?

And 2nd question: If the inside page has "reprints courtesy of...." (i.e."marvel comics", "action Comics") is it an original copy or a reprinted copy? I am thinking they too are reprints of the original #1, #2 etc.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Victoria Rayne


Often it will say on the inside cover where the publication data is that it is a second/third/fourth print. Often with many newer books (last 20-25 years), they have changed the covers so the
person purchasing it can tell that it is a reprint. Finally, there are some series which were nothing but reprints and they often mention that in the book (Marvel Tales, Marvel Triple Action, etc.)

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