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Total Main Collection Value: $52,032.20         Print your lists
Title Value Number of Issues
Main Sale Want
3-D Sheena, Jungle Queen (1953-1953) 1
Aces High (1955-1955) $17.60 1 4
Adventure Comics (1938-1983) 24
Adventure Into Mystery (1956-1957) $185.30 4 3
Adventures Into Darkness (1952-1954) 10
Adventures Into Terror (1950-1954) $266.40 3 28
Adventures Into The Unknown (1948-1967) $4,018.50 24 39
Adventures Into Weird Worlds (1952-1954) $626.20 5 25
Air Fighters Comics (1941-1945) $1,930.00 4
Airboy Comics (1945-1953) $840.60 3 4
Alarming Tales (1957-1958) 6
All Picture Adventure Magazine (1952-1952) 2
All Star Comics (1940-1978) 1
All Winners Comics (1941-1947) $138.00 1 19
All Winners Comics (1948-1948) 1
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