Fees and Billing

This page describes Nostomania fees and billing policy for selling collectible items on our site.

There are no listing fees for selling on Nostomania. Commission fees are billed monthly, and PayPal is the only payment method we accept. The seller commission fee is only 1% of gross sales, always!

Gross Monthly Sales Commission Fee
any amount 1% of total

For example, the commission for a gross monthly sales total of $1,500.00 would be $15.00 (1% of $1,500.00).

A service fee will be charged to sellers who decline (including automatically declining by not accepting within 10 days) a sale to any buyer who agrees to purchase an item at the seller's terms. This service fee is 1% of the sale amount, with a minimum fee of $0.10 and a maximum fee of $5.00.

Sellers will be billed monthly, with detailed invoices mailed out to the email address provided at registration. If you receive an invoice, you will be directed to pay your invoice via PayPal at your next login. If the billable amount is less than $2.00, the charge will be carried over until the total exceeds $2.00.