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Feedback Ratings

Nostomania's feedback system awards each user a medal when you reach the following number of positive feedback messages.
  • A Bronze Medal Bronze Medal is awarded for a Feedback Rating of 10 to 99.
  • A Silver Medal Silver Medal is awarded for a Feedback Rating of 100 to 999.
  • A Gold Medal Gold Medal is awarded for a Feedback Rating of 1000 and greater.
How the Nostomania Feedback System works

Every time you complete a purchase or sale of a collectible item on Nostomania, My Deals will direct you to provide feedback on the transaction. Was it positive, neutral, or negative? You will also be asked to provide a comment. Providing feedback is encouraged, but not required. You may decline to provide any feedback for a transaction.

The Feedback Rating system is simple. Each user will receive:
  • +1 point for each positive comment.
  • 0 points for each neutral comment.
  • -1 point for each negative comment.
Each user will have a separate feedback rating for each collectible category they use on the site.