NostoNews, December 2022

by Tommy Jasmin

Happy Holidays

2022 Home Stretch

As we lean into Christmas season, and another quarterly pricing update, I thought I'd chime in with a mini market report. Collectibles continue to slip and sputter, with the Nostomania Stock Index at its lowest point since the 2nd week of 2022. Common books like the Amazing Spider-Man #272 shown below continue to slide. This copy sold last month for $84.00 via Heritage. That number is still too high, IMO, but contrast it with the two previous CGC 9.8 sales via Heritage, which were $252.00 in June, and 312.00 in March. Amazing Spider-Man 272 CGC NM/MT 9.8

What's really hard to get used to, though, is seeing major keys like Amazing Fantasy #15 trending down. When you look at our recent trend chart, the only sale we captured in the last 90 days that was above current value is the CGC VF+ 8.5 copy from the last Heritage Signature Auction. This is the pattern I'm seeing for keys - high grade copies are still setting records, but lower grade copies are dropping significantly. Amazing Fantasy 15 Trend Chart

There are still hot spots though, very hot spots. Much of this is driven by the true scarcity of many (mostly Golden Age) items becoming more and more apparent. Look to the censuses, both CGC and Nostomania, for key data. I'll show some great examples with the full market report next month, but here's a neat one from the cool Fox-only auction that just ended at Heritage. Weird Comics #20, CGC FR/GD 1.5. Final issue of this uber-cool Fox title, Hitler and Churchill cover, and nobody even knows who the artist was. $16,200.00 for a 1.5?! Look at the CGC census - only 9 Universal copies. A truly scarce book. Weird Comics 20 CGC FR/GD 1.5

I'll leave you with some interesting coin news. A treasure chest full of gold coins is hidden in some remote area of the Rocky Mountains, with the location hinted at in a cryptic poem. Fact or fiction? Turned out the Fenn Treasure was real, and now that the treasure has been found, and certified by NGC, it will come to market this month via Heritage. Go read the story at NGC, it's pretty interesting.

Thanks, see all of you back here next month.
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