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Youngblood: Genesis (2004-)
Youngblood: Strikefile (1993-1995)
Your Friend, The Policeman (1963-1963)
Your Hytone Comix (1971-1971)
Your Pal Archie (2017-)
Your United States (1946-1946)
Your Vote is Vital! (1952-1952)
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (2010-2010)
Youthful Hearts (1952-1952)
Youthful Love (1950-1950)
Youthful Love Romances (1949-1950)
Youthful Romances (1950-1952)
Youthful Romances (1953-1954)
Yow (1978-1979)
Ythaq: No Escape (2009-)
Yuggoth Cultures Necrocomicon Burrows Cthulu Sketch (2004-2004)
Yuppies From Hell (1989-1989)